How to protect yourself from Germs & Bacteria?

How to protect yourself from Germs & Bacteria?

Since the beginning of human civilization, viral and bacterial infections within humans have been a common and often fatal phenomenon. The main reason being, germs & bacteria can easily spread from one person to another and attack our immune system using a vast array of biological strategies. Experts always emphasize on taking preventive measures instead of fighting germs & bacteria after the infection has already made us sick. Because of the recent chaos surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary for us to take steps towards improving our personal hygiene habits. Listed below are a few steps which you can take to protect yourself and your family from harmful germs, viruses & bacteria.

  1. Repeat the hand washing: To protect us from germs & bacteria, repetitive hand washing is the must-have habit that we need to develop. Repeat the hand washing every time you use the bathroom, touch your face, travel on public transport or before you eat. Such habit can really protect you & your family from various harmful contagious diseases.

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